What does BYOL stand for?

Bring your own liquor

BYOL is a quick way to tell someone to "bring your own liquor" when attending a get-together. People may send this acronym via a text message, post it on a social site, or include it in the details of a real-life invitation to a social gathering.

Where did BYOL come from?

BYOL's origins date back to at least the early-20th century. People would use it as shorthand to quickly let people know they needed to bring their own liquor since the host of the gathering would not be providing any.

The acronym eventually gave way to the BYOB acronym, which stands for "bring your own beer." While BYOB has become the de facto acronym for telling people to bring their own alcohol, BYOL is still used.

How do I use BYOL?

Whenever you invite people to a get-together, such as an impromptu hang-out sesh or retirement party, and you are not offering any hard drinks for consumption, you can tell the person that the gathering is BYOL. This typically indicates you'll be providing food or an appetizer of some kind, but everyone is on their own if they want to consume any alcohol.


Party at Jakes tonight. BYOL!

The hillbillies brought their liquor everywhere

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Updated May 25, 2021

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