What does AMAA mean on Reddit?

Ask me almost anything

AMAA is a variation of the AMA subreddit that stands for, "Ask me almost anything." It is a bit more restrictive in what a Reddit contributor is willing to answer.

Instead of letting Reddit users (Redditors) ask anything they want, AMAA is for Redditors that are open to answering questions but not completely open. For example, a Redditor that hosts an AMAA may say "no" to a question because it violates their privacy, a legal contract, etc.

Typically, people of some importance host AMAAs since no one wants to ask boring people questions. A person could be a celebrity, politician, or professional in an exciting field.


I saw the local celeb chef host an AMAA
Yeah, it was insightful to hear about the history of the restaurant
AMAA post
AMAA post

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Updated August 2, 2022

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