Call of Duty Slang

Call of Duty (COD) is a franchise of first-person shooters that spans almost ten years. With each new release, more players join the Call of Duty multiplayer community. If you're one of the millions of people who play Call of Duty online, you'll want to make sure you are familiar with the COD slang listed below.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
IRLIn real life
CoDCall of Duty
AimbotAutomatic aiming bot
HUDHeads up display
FPSFirst-person shooter
n00bA new or inexperienced user
FFAFree for all
CampingStaying in one spot
360-noscope360 no scope
deagleDesert Eagle
ADSAiming down sight
TurtlingPlaying defensively
TDMTeam deathmatch
CTFCapture the flag
PKPlayer kill
NSNice shot
SoHSlight of Hand
ARAssault rifle
TKTeam kill
FMJFull metal jacket
BoostingUnfair level boosting
kgoOk, go
GhostingObserving an opponent's gameplay
OneshotBeat in one attempt
ChoobSkilled player who intentionally plays badly
StickyA plasma grenade that sticks to objects
FTLFor the loss
FFFocus fire
CQCClose-quarters combat
WOOTWe owned the other team
magFirearm magazine
BLOPSCall of Duty: Black Ops
AFCAway from controller
YFYou fail
SmurfAn alternate account used by a skilled player