Can Of Corn

What is a can of corn in baseball?

An easy catch by a fielder

In baseball, a can of corn is an easy catch by a fielder, such as a highly hit ball (pop fly) that gives the infield or outfield defender a lot of time to settle under it to make the catch. While uncommon, you may still see or hear baseball commentators or fans use the term during a game, in person, or online.

For example, during an MLB game, a play-by-play commentator may say, "Lewis grabs the can of corn to end the inning." Or, a fan may complain about a hitter's poor hitting streak and say, "Kepler is in such a slump right now. Every AB is a K or can of corn." You may also hear people refer to a can of corn as a "pop fly," "weak flyball," or "routine fly."

Origin of can of corn in baseball

The slang term "can of corn" originates from the placement of cans of corn on the top shelves in grocery stores in the early 20th century. To get them down, a worker would use a pole with a hook to move it off the shelf while another worker would be in a position under the can to easily catch it with their apron.

Baseball historians credit MLB play-by-play broadcaster Red Barber for popularizing the saying in baseball during his tenure from the 1930s to the 60s. He called games for the Cincinnati Reds, Brooklyn Dodgers, and New York Yankees.


And with that can of corn by Johnson, the Panthers win it 5 to 1
What a great way to start the season
Baseball player Hideki Matsui catching a can of corn
Baseball player Hideki Matsui catching a can of corn

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Updated May 3, 2023

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