What is caucacity?

Audacity stemming from white privilege

Social media users use caucacity when talking about rude or outlandish actions performed by out-of-touch white people. This slang term is a portmanteau of the words caucasian (referring to white people) and audacity (referring to bold or impudent behavior).

What is the origin of caucacity?

Writer and comedian Joel Martinez, aka The Kid Mero, coined the term caucacity in a VICE music review titled Brian Eno's "Lux" Is Full of Caucacity in A Mostly Good Way. In 2014, Martinez defined caucacity on Twitter, saying "it is a special level of audacity reserved for only the most yakubian...." (The word Yakubian can describe people of Caucasian descent.)

When am I likely to see caucacity used?

You are most likely to see caucacity used on Twitter, when users are critiquing disrespectful actions that a white person or white-run business took without first checking their privilege. You may also see caucacity used to describe over-the-top or bizarre actions that are "stereotypically white," such as eating seven-layer salad while flying on a private plane.


The caucacity of these Karens, yelling at cops who are just trying to enforce the law. Imagine what they'd think if a Black person tried that
A use of caucacity on Twitter
A use of caucacity on Twitter

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Updated December 23, 2021

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