Catch These Hands

What does catch these hands mean?

Get punched

When someone says you're about to catch these hands, it means they want to start a fight with you. Specifically, the person plans to punch you in the face (so your face will "catch" their hands).

Where am I likely to see catch these hands used?

You're most likely to receive catch these hands in text and chat messages, sent by people who are big mad at you. You may also see catch these hands used on social media, when someone makes a (likely toothless) threat to fight another user.

Variations of catch these hands

People often shorten catch these hands to just catch hands. They also often preface catch these hands with fixing to, finna, or trying to, meaning the person isn't ready to punch you in the face quite yet.

Additionally, you may see people use the related phrases throw hands, throwing hands, or give the hands to describe their desire to lay you out.


You're about to catch these hands if you don't stop talking
Some people get angry about the silliest things
Some people get angry about the silliest things

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Updated January 6, 2022

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