What does CEEBS stand for?

Can't be bothered

If someone sends you "ceebs," they can't be bothered right now. They may be busy in a meeting or class, working on a project, lazy and lethargic, or annoyed and want to be left alone.

The ceebs term comes from other "can't be bothered" acronyms that employ a "C" and "B" (CBB, CBF, etc.). The combination of the pronunciation of "C" and the sound of "B" makes "ceebs."

An example of when you might send "ceebs" is when your friend texts you asking if you want to go to the movies tonight but you have to stay home and study for an exam. Or, your dad may message you asking to do a chore, but you may reply with "ceebs" cause you're too tired. In this case, prepare to receive a lecture from your dad about hard work.


U wanna get lunch 2day?
Sry, ceebs. 2 much h/w
Ceebs tweet
Ceebs tweet

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Updated May 23, 2022

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