What does cheugy mean?

Something that is outdated or inauthentic

Cheugy is a label for something or someone that appears to be inauthentic or outdated and trying too hard to be in fashion. It is pronounced "chew-gee" and became popular in April 2021, primarily on TikTok, a video-sharing social site.

Where did cheugy come from?

Cheugy was created by TikToker Hallie Cain in a March 30 TikTok post to refer to people or things that are trying too hard to be "en vogue," thus coming across as inauthentic. The term is not based on anything; Cain just thought it sounded phonetically accurate for what it meant.

Other teenage and 20-something TikTokers quickly picked up on the term and began applying it to things and people, mainly millennial women, that were either out-of-style or trying too hard to keep up with style in a tacky way. Examples include generic signs from major decorating store chains or women spending a lot of money on clothing, like Gucci.

How is cheugy used?

The term is similar to "basic" but not meant to be derogatory. Instead, it is primarily used as an observation instead of looking down on someone or something. People may use the term online, especially on social sites, like TikTok and Twitter, and may also use it in person.

Although it is not meant to be derogatory, people may receive it that way because it's a label with a negative connotation. If you do use it, be judicious when using it to describe a person.

What is non-cheugy?

You may be asking yourself, "What is non-cheugy?" A general principle for being non-cheugy is to be unique, be yourself. Decorate your space with things you like instead of what is popular and available at a department store.

Dressing in a way that makes you happy instead of trying to impress others is an important non-cheugy aspect, as well. This may involve thrift store shopping and making your own clothes.

Overall, being non-cheugy is to be content with yourself and authentic.


OMG, that woman at the checkout is so cheugy
Yeah, she is trying way too hard
Tweet alert about the cheugy trend
Tweet alert about the cheugy trend

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Updated April 30, 2021

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