What does chonk mean?

An overweight animal

When someone calls your pet or child a chonk, they mean your pet or child is (perhaps majestically) overweight. The term chonk gained popularity in 2018, when Facebook user Emilie Chang posted a revised, chonk-tastic version of a feline body fat index chart to a group called THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y.

The CHONK Chart, as Chang's chart was called, tracked cats' chonkiness on a scale from "A Fine Boi" to "OH LAWD HE COMIN." When the chart reached Twitter, it went viral, leading to a series of repurposings that propelled the term chonk into many social media users' lexicon.


Your cat is one chonky boi
The original CHONK Chart
The original CHONK Chart

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Updated October 15, 2020

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