Chub Rub

What does chub rub mean?

Chafing where your thighs rub together

Chub rub is the chafing, rashes, or bumps that sometimes appear in the area where a person's thighs rub together. While chub rub more commonly occurs in larger or overweight people (thus the name), most people have felt the sting of chub rub at some point in their lives.

Chub rub is more likely to occur in the summer, when hot weather produces sweat that accelerates friction-based chafing. A number of products profess to prevent or treat chub rub, including anti-chafing shorts and anti-chafing powders and gels. (Really, putting any sort of fabric barrier or friction-reducing product between your thighs will help.) If you want to refer to chub rub in more PC terms, you can instead call it thigh chafing or fire thighs.


Oh my gosh my thighs are on fire today. The chub rub is real
I hear that!
A Twitter user looking to combat chub rub
A Twitter user looking to combat chub rub

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Updated June 3, 2021

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