Fire Thighs

What are fire thighs?

Thighs inflamed from chafing

Fire thighs is another name for the chafing or rashes that sometimes occur when a person's thighs rub together. The phrase is derived from the inflamed color a person's thighs turn when chafed, as well as the pain a person experiencing fire thighs feels.

More commonly, you might hear fire thighs referred to by the less-PC nickname chub rub. However, contrary to what the name chub rub implies, most everyone can and will experience fire thighs at some point in their life. You can attempt to prevent fire thighs using anti-chafing shorts, leggings, powders, and gels, or you can treat them using aloe vera and other anti-inflammatory gels and creams.

Fire thighs may also be used to refer to thighs that are straight fire. In this case, fire thighs means "awesome, muscular thighs," not "chafed thighs."


Went for a run this morning and wore short shorts ... I've got mad fire thighs.
Summer is peak fire thighs season

Summer is peak fire thighs season

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Updated June 3, 2021

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