What does citiot mean?

Idiot from the city

Citiot means "idiot from the city." People who live in rural areas might use this portmanteau (of "city" and "idiot") to describe city-dwellers they find particularly stupid or offensive.

The term citiot is most often used to refer to snobbish and/or oblivious city dwellers, who neither know nor care to learn what living in non-urban areas is actually like. Citiot tourists may parade around a rural vacation destination acting like they own the place, causing problems for the people who actually live in that location.

However, some rural people use the term citiot as a blanket term to refer to all city-dwelling people, regardless of those city dwellers' attitudes, knowledge, and intentions. These rural citizens may be just as close-minded as the citiots they're referring to.


Gah, the citiots are here again, clogging up our downtown. I just want to get to the ding-dang post office
Sometimes, talking to citiots helps
Sometimes, talking to citiots helps

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Updated November 9, 2020

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