What does FTEW stand for in gaming and online?

For the epic win

FTEW is an emphatic version of FTW that gamers often use to declare epic wins. For example, if you narrowly escaped what seemed like a certain defeat and emerged victorious, you might celebrate by messaging other match participants, "FTEW!"

While most people use FTEW in the context of winning some type of competition, you might also see it used to describe success in other areas of life. For example, if your offer on your dream house is accepted, you might post on social media, "FTEW! Our offer was accepted and we move in next month!"

Unfortunately, for those on the opposite end of an epic victory, FTEL is the more appropriate acronym. Hopefully, your life will be filled with more FTEWs than FTELs.


I am sending in my Mages FTEW!

That FTEW elation

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Updated May 31, 2023

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