What does farmed mean in gaming?

Repetitively killed or gathered

A gamer who farmed an enemy or item repetitively killed that enemy or gathered that item. For example, a Pokémon player may say they "farmed Pidgeys" in the early game, to pad their Pokémon's lvl before starting the game in earnest.

Farming is an easy, if time-consuming, way to earn experience and/or money in RPGs, MOBAs, and other games. It typically involves killing low-level enemies or completing low-level quests over and over and over again, to gain experience, items, and/or money without a challenge, making the later stages of a game easier. In multiplayer games, players may say they farmed an opponent, if they've managed to kill that opponent many times.


I farmed items in FFX for like, three days. I can't say it was worth it
A WoW player who farmed the Maw of Souls dungeon
A WoW player who farmed the Maw of Souls dungeon

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Updated August 23, 2022

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