Crew Cut

What kind of haircut is a crew cut?

Hairstyle with faded sides and a little longer top

Crew cut is one of the most common haircuts among men. It includes buzzed and faded sides with a little bit longer hair length on top. It may go by several other names, including buzz cut, butch, and flat-top crew cut.

Origin of crew cut

The slang term "crew cut" may have originated in the 1920s (although the hairstyle existed long before). One belief is that the name came from a Yale rowing team member Jock Whitney. After he got the haircut, the rest of his crew adopted it and became known as the "crew cut."

The haircut grew popular at Ivy League schools, and the U.S. military gave every member a crew cut during World War II. It then became a standardized "clean look" and has led to many variations with different tapers, pompadour, and lengths on top (long comb-overs, flat-tops, etc.).


Jason looks so good in his crew cut
IDK. I loved his mullet

Jim Carrey with a classic crew cut

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Updated February 22, 2023

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