What is a skinhead?

Bald or closely-shaved head

Skinhead is a hairstyle where a person shaves all of the hair off their head or shaves the head very closely. The name comes from the skin visible due to the close shave.

You may see or hear the term online or in person when referencing someone with a closely shaved head. For example, your friend may shave his head in solidarity with another friend who lost his hair due to chemotherapy and post on social media, "Skinhead for my best friend, Brian!"

Skinhead is also associated with several subcultures of people. For example, neo-nazis have identified with each other by shaving their heads. Also, a subculture of working-class youths in the UK became known as skinheads in the 1970s.


Jake was losing his hair so he became a skinhead
I think he looks better than when he was trying to hold onto his hair
Jim Carrey skinhead tweet
Jim Carrey skinhead tweet

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Updated February 22, 2023

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