What does afro mean?

Natural bush-like hairstyle

Afro is a hairstyle created by combing out curly/kinky hair, which results in a rounded, sphere-like shape. Black people commonly employ it, but other ethnicities with curly hair may also sport a fro.

The "afro" name derives from the term "Afro-American," which comes from "African American." Black people in the 1960s popularized the hairstyle during the American Civil Rights and Black Is Beautiful movements.

It became so common that by the 1970s, some Black people began choosing different hairstyles because afros became too mainstream. However, the afro endured and is still famous today. You will likely see young Black men and women sport the hairstyle with naturally curly hair who do not want to straighten or otherwise artificially shape their hair.


You see that dude's afro? It was like 3 feet high!
Super impressive!
A man with the afro hairstyle
A man with the afro hairstyle

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Updated February 22, 2023

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