What does it mean to have flow?

Long, thick, luscious hair

Flow is a high compliment for the quality of a person's hair. It means their hair is thick, luscious, typically shoulder-length, and looks spectacular (as if they just walked off a photo shoot).

The name comes from the appearance of the hair as water flows down a waterfall. Typically, people use flow to compliment guys on their hair. For example, a guy may take his motorcycle helmet off and whip his hair back (as if he were in slow motion), and his hair bounces because of its volume, and a jealous onlooker remarks, "Look at that guy's flow."

Additionally, male athletes love to show off their flow, especially in hockey, baseball, and football. For example, the hockey community often uses flow to compliment players' hockey hair.


I would pay good money to get his flow
Me too. It's mesmerizing

Some fantastic flow

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Updated February 21, 2023

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