What is an edgar?

High fade and bowl cut hairstyle

Edgar is a hairstyle often sported by Latino teenage guys that combines a bowl cut with a high fade. Although some claim the hairstyle dates back to the Mayans, it was popularized as a meme in 2019, then culminated as a trend on TikTok in early 2022 to poke fun at the clichéd look.

Origin of Edgar

The slang term "Edgar" originated in 2019 from an Instagram post by Puerto Rican barber anthonybarberpr. In the post, the barber gives a man a bowl cut combined with a high fade, along with an illustration of Edgar Martinez (an MLB player) into the back of a man's head.

The post went viral, with people referring to the haircut as the "Edgar" (or the "Edgar cut"). Additionally, as the haircut gained popularity, especially among young Latino men, people poked fun at it in many memes on Twitter and eventually TikTok.

How people use Edgar

You may see people use Edgar on social sites, like Twitter and TikTok, or in person. They may be referring to the hairstyle or people that have the hairstyle.

For example, you might see someone on Twitter ridicule the haircut by sharing a meme. Or, your friend may say, "I just got hit on by the Edgar at the bar!"

Since some use Edgar as a derogatory term, people may take offense to it. Therefore be mindful of when and where you use the term.


I just found out my sister's dating an Edgar
OMG, that's hilarious!
The Edgar cut
The Edgar cut
Edgar tweet
Edgar tweet

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Updated February 14, 2023

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