What does cricketing mean when dating?

Not replying to someone's message

Cricketing is when you receive when or more messages from a romantic interest but do not respond, leaving the sender with nothing but "crickets." The sender is typically frustrated when cricketed because it sends the message that they aren't worth a reply, whether positive or negative.

The inconsiderate dating trend is a variation of "ghosting" because it creates an absence hurtful to the other partner involved. It is also related to the phrase "left on read," because in some cases, the sender may see that the recipient received the message but still is not replying.

Common instances when you may be cricketed include when casually dating a wishy-washy person or after going on a first date with someone who wasn't "feeling it." People may also cricket a date when they don't know how to officially end it while still being friendly, which is also known as "caspering."


Josh is cricketing Mariah and she is so mad about it

Frustration when your crush is cricketing you

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Updated September 30, 2021

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