What does crine mean?


Crine is the AAVE version of "crying" that removes a syllable. People may use crine (a shortened pronunciation of "crying") in real life, but they most often use it on social media and in messages, whether they are texts or DMs.

For example, your friend may react to a hilarious cringe video clip on X (formerly known as Twitter), "im crine. this man thought he was the main character!" Or, your friend may text you about the anniversary of her dog dying, "can we go to a movie or something? ive been crine all day."

Origin of crine

It is unclear who coined the slang term "crine," but it comes from the Black community. It gained popularity on social sites in the early 2020s, especially as a way to react to funny or sad memes, events, etc.


Joey dumped Lisa at the party last night
Omg. I'm crine. She was just talking about marriage
Crine about Hoda's reaction to Olivia
Crine about Hoda's reaction to Olivia

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Updated November 21, 2023

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