What does CU@ mean in messages?

See you around

CU@ is shorthand for "see you around," which is another way of saying, "I'll see you later." The at (@) symbol can sometimes mean "around" (the circle curving around the "a").

You will likely see people use CU@ in messages, whether texts or online, like when DMing on social media. For example, you might need to end a convo because you are tired, so you text, "Aight, I gotta go to bed. CU@!"

CU@ is one of many terms for parting ways at the end of a conversation. Some other common ones include CUL, TTYL, gb, l8r, and Bye Felicia.


Thanks for chatting with me today. I guess I'll cu@
You got it. It was great to catch up!
You may see "CU@" in messages to mean "see you around"
You may see "CU@" in messages to mean "see you around"

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Updated May 2, 2023

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