What is cyberstalking?

Stalking a person using technology

Cyberstalking is when a person stalks someone using technology, like mobile devices and the Internet. The stalking is typically done by men to women, sometimes celebrities, whom they desire.

Cyberstalking is similar to trolling, but is an actual threat to the target's physical well-being, whereas trolling is just meant to enrage the target. This form of stalking became prevalent in the 2000s as technology progressed, allowing users to access more information about other people.

Different cyberstalking avenues including Googling and texting people and following people on social sites to get access to their images and profile information. Facebook is especially useful for stalking, which is why the Facestalking term was coined.


I had no clue that he was cyberstalking Kelly
Yeah, what a creep

Cyberstalking means stalking a person using technology

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Updated August 16, 2019

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