What are dabloons on TikTok?

A fictional TikTok currency

In November 2022, TikTokers began exchanging a fictional currency known as dabloons with each other. While dabloons aren't actually worth anything, users enjoy gaining them, losing them, and using them to "buy" things by watching videos with the #dabloons hashtag.

How do users gain TikTok dabloons?

To gain dabloons, users scroll their For You page (FYP) looking for dabloon-related videos. (Collectively, these videos and the users who watch them are sometimes referred to as DabloonTok.) At the end of the video, a cat often gifts the user some amount of dabloons, which the user adds to their imaginary stash. In some videos, though, a cat, pirate, or merchant instead takes the user's doubloons.

Users who participate in DabloonTok operate on the honor system when tracking the dabloons they possess. As the currency has become more widespread, some TikTokers have begun offering dabloon insurance and interest-bearing dabloon bank accounts (which again, are entirely made-up and don't actually do anything).

The origin of dabloons

Dabloons is a slang spelling of doubloons, which originated within cat memes posted to Instagram in 2021. In the memes, a cat holds out a four-toed paw and says "4 dabloons." The memes made their way to TikTok and, in late October 2022, spawned the "actual" dabloon currency.


You can have this burger ... but it'll cost ya four dabloons
Have a few dabloons on us
Have a few dabloons on us

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Updated December 15, 2022

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