What does datenap mean?

To nap during a date

While it might seem like "datenap" is stealing a date, it's being so uninterested in a date that you fall asleep or zone out. If you start datenapping, you probably don't have a connection with your date and should probably let them down quickly.

Typically, datenapping comes from boredom. For example, your date may talk about themselves the whole time or topics you have no interest in, and you text your friend, "I'm about to datenap. This guy is soooo lame." However, a person may datenap if they are exhausted from a rough night of sleep, being overworked, studying too hard, etc.


Ugh, I'm never going on a blind date again. It was so bad, I took a datenap!

When you are about to datenap

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Updated December 19, 2023

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