What does datenapping mean?

Napping during a date

Datenapping is when you are so bored by a date that you find yourself falling asleep. It sometimes ends with actually falling asleep, or you might just zone out, pretending to care about what they are saying but thinking about how you can let them down easily.

For example, your date may only want to talk about herself, including her collection of bottle caps, and you text your friend, "please call me. im datenapping and need to get out before dessert!" Or, you may go on a second date with an incredibly boring dude because he's attractive, and your friend says, "I can't believe you are seeing him again after he caught you datenapping."


I don't think they hit it off, danny started datenapping cuz she was so boring
Big yikes

Liz Lemon is familiar with datenapping

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Updated November 27, 2023

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