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1. What does s mean?


When someone ends a statement with /s, it means they intended that statement to be read sarcastically. This convention is most often used on online forums and social media sites, though it's also sometimes used in online chat and text messages.

For the uninitiated, sarcasm is the use of irony to ridicule someone or mock their actions. When someone makes a sarcastic statement, their tone of voice usually shifts to a higher or lower pitch, and they tend to speak in a more drawn-out manner. One way to recognize a sarcastic statement is to consider whether a person has both agreed with you and mocked you at the same time. If they have, that's sarcasm.

Because recognizing sarcasm so heavily depends on hearing subtle changes in a person's voice and manner of speaking, sarcasm is notoriously difficult to convey via online messages. Over the years, Internet users eventually settled on using /s to denote sarcastic statements. (They first bookended sarcastic statements with HTML-like tags, which was pretty neat.) /s is especially prevalent on Reddit, which has a disproportionally sarcastic user base.


Wow, what a great definition of /s. /s

A man who has just read a statement that ends with /s

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Updated February 4, 2021
2. What is s short for?


"S" is a quick way of typing "yes" that is actually more confusing than helpful. Writing "y" is more common but may still perplex the recipient.

Technically, "s" does save you time when compared to typing two more characters for "yes." However, it is not well known and challenging for the unknowing person to surmise the connection.

If you do use "s," it is most helpful when confirming something online or via texts. Just try to use it with other slang-savvy people, or else they will probably think you just made a typo.


Did you have fun last night?
S, thanks

This puppy says "s"

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Updated December 8, 2021
3. What is s short for?


Someone who sends a message that says only "s" may be smiling. This abbreviation carries a similar meaning as the :-) emoticon.

"Smiling" can also be written as <S>. If you see /s written at the end of a message, however, it means that message was sarcastic - not that the person who sent it is smiling.


I am <s> right now because summer vacation is only a few weeks away!
Wow, how cool. /s

A woman who just sent a text that reads "s"

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Updated February 2, 2021

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