What does DHTC stand for in texts?

Don't hit the cell

DHTC tells the recipient not to call them (or even message them) on their cell phone because they do not want to be interrupted. They may be about to start a meeting or class or do something important on their phone, like recording a video or playing a game.

For example, your friend may message you, "bout to start an interview on zoom so dhtc!" Or, you about to embark on the life-changing experience of watching Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and don't want your spouse bothering you with any calls or messages about the kids. Also, instead of using DHTC, you could just put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" (DND) mode.


I'm busy atm, so dhtc for a bit yet
aight, i won't
You will likely see DHTC in texts; be sure not to respond to it
You will likely see DHTC in texts; be sure not to respond to it

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Updated October 16, 2023

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