What does DH mean in messages and online?

Dear husband

People with husbands may refer to them as "DH' when messaging or online. It is meant to be endearing and even lovey-dovey (when intended as "dear hubby").

For example, your aunt may post a picture of flowers on Facebook with the gushing caption, "My DH got me these beautiful flowers for my birthday. I love him so much!" Or, your friend may text you, "My DH gave me a night off from the kids. You free to go to a movie?"

While people primarily use it sincerely, some may use it condescendingly when criticizing something their husband did. For example, your sister may message you, "Can we use your oven tonight? My dh thought he could replace ours, and it hasn't gone so well."


My dh took us out for dinner last night!
Wow, how thoughtful
A woman receiving affection from her DH
A woman receiving affection from her DH

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Updated July 7, 2023

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