DH has 2 meanings
1. What does DH stand for?

Dear hubby

Those who really love their husband may use DH to mean "dear hubby." This term of endearment is slightly more lovey-dovey than "dear husband," because it uses the abbreviation hubby instead.

For your purposes, however, it likely does not matter whether someone intended DH to mean "dear hubby" or "dear husband." All you need to know is that the person is talking about their husband.


My dh took us out for dinner last night!
Wow, how thoughtful.

A woman speaking to her DH

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Updated August 10, 2021
2. What does DH stand for?

Dear husband

Sometimes used by women on online forums or social media websites when lovingly referring to their husbands.


My dh bought me the most beautiful flowers for our anniversary!

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Updated August 1, 2013

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