Disney Adult

What is a Disney adult?

An adult obsessed with Disney

A Disney adult is a person who is infatuated with the Disney brand, including Disney theme parks, movies, songs, and shows. For example, a person who gets married at Disney World with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in attendance is a Disney adult.

Disney adults may be of all ages — from 18 to 118 (often Millennials)— and may have children of their own or be childless. What sets them apart from average Disney fans is that they take their love to religious fervor. They don't just watch the movies, sing the songs, and buy the shirts; they have merged their passion into their identity.

For example, they may immerse themselves into Disney lore by dressing up as their favorite characters (Disneybounding). Or, they may attempt to spread their loved one's ashes in the theme park and re-visit the park like a tombstone in a cemetery.

Backlash against Disney adults

While Disney adults typically don't affect other people, incidents resulting from their infatuation sometimes make people mad, especially online. For example, in 2022, cyberbullies ganged up on childless Disney adults for crowding theme parks.


All of these Disney adults need to get a life and leave Magic Kingdom for the kids
Tweet defending Disney adults
Tweet defending Disney adults

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Updated June 22, 2022

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