Dontcha Know

What does dontcha know mean?

Don't you know

Dontcha know (pronounced "doh-nt-cha noh") is a combination of "don't you know," a statement that Midwesterners (especially Minnesotans) and Canadians often use at the end of a sentence. It is a subtle confirmation people may use to check if their audience understands or agrees with their thoughts, stories, etc.

For example, you might be fishing in a boat on a lake, and your grandpa says, "I used to fish on this lake when I was your age, dontcha know." Or, your mom may come inside on a hot, humid summer day and remark, "It's hot enough to melt your skin right off, dontcha know."

The pronunciation and spelling of dontcha know comes from the regional dialect employed by Americans close to the Canadian border and Canadians themselves. While people typically utter it in person, they may also spell it out when messaging and online.


It's cold enough to create nosecicles, dontcha know
Ya, that's why I'm staying inside for the rest of winter

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Updated April 18, 2023

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