What does IA mean in texts and online?

I agree

IA is a simple way of stating that you agree with someone. People may use it in various contexts, including in texts, DMs, social media, and on forums.

For example, if you vent about your annoying sibling to your friend, they may reply with, "IA. It's unfair your parents seem to favor your brother over you." Or, you may reply to another user's take on social media, "IA with that solution possibly fixing your computer. You should try updating the system first, though."

IA is one of many ways to answer affirmatively to a question, comment, idea, etc. Some examples include word, IAWTC, IAWTP, bet, and ICAM.


IA - value is not just price, but what you get for the price you paid
Yep. I rehabbed a PC from a garage sale I used for 5 more years

Pikachu is a fan of IA

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Updated September 18, 2023

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