What does DOT stand for?

Damage over time

Gamers use DOT to discuss attacks that deal "damage over time." These attacks deal small, periodic chunks of damage to an enemy, rather than dealing all their damage at once.

DOT attacks typically deal damage for a fixed, limited duration. For example, a DOT attack might deal 15 damage per second (DPS) for 15 seconds, adding up to a total of 225 damage. When attacking an enemy, players often lead with DOT attacks, to maximize the amount of damage the attack will do during the battle. (For example, if a battle's going to last only ten seconds, you'll want your DOT attack to start dealing damage right away.)

Some DOT attacks are also area of effect (AOE) attacks, and many can pierce or ignore an enemy's armor. Often, DOT attacks are flavored as being poison-, burn-, or trap-based, to give an in-game reason why the damage they deal occurs over time, instead of all at once.


Make sure to put a DOT on each enemy right away

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Updated November 16, 2021

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