What does DotA stand for in gaming?

Defense of the Ancients

Gamers use DotA as shorthand for Defense of the Ancients. This popular MOBA series started out as a fan-made mod for Warcraft III. It was then acquired by Valve, who released a standalone version titled Dota 2 in 2013.

In DotA, two teams of five heroes battle for control of a multi-lane map. Each team is attempting to push into the other's base and destroy its central structure, called an Ancient, to achieve victory.

DotA has inspired numerous spinoffs, including Artifact and Dota Underlords, and imitators, including League of Legends (LoL) and Heroes of the Storm (HotS). It remains one of the most popular MOBAs of all time and still has a significant esports scene.


We're going to have a DotA LAN party this weekend. Want to come?
Yeah, I'll be there!
Dota 2 on Steam
Dota 2 on Steam

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Updated February 7, 2023

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