What does DS9 stand for?

Deep Space Nine

Trekkies and other nerds use DS9 to refer to "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." Airing from 1993 to 1999, DS9 was the first spin-off of Stark Trek: The Next Generation (TNG).

Set aboard the Federation space station Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: DS9 told the story of Commander Benjamin Sisko and his crew's attempts to broker peace and understanding among a number of galactic civilizations. DS9 featured more serialized storytelling, religious plot elements, and interpersonal conflicts than previous Star Trek shows, which made it a favorite among some Star Trek fans. Those who want to learn what DS9 is all about should watch the episode In the Pale Moonlight, which is one of the highest-rated episodes of any Star Trek series.


I never really got into TNG, but I loved DS9

Well, yeah, Kira - check out the other Trekkie-related slang below

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Updated February 15, 2021

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