What does DSAB stand for?

Designated sex at birth

DSAB is the sex designated to you based on your reproductive organs when you are born. The LGBTQ community, especially trans people, primarily use it to distinguish between their sex at birth and gender identity.

An example of when you may see DSAB is when a trans person is discussing their original sex on social media as they transition to another gender. Or, your cis friend may be curious and post in an online forum about how her DSAB influenced how she was treated and taught growing up.

DSAB is a variation of SAAB, which is more common. Other acronyms trans people may use to communicate their identity include MTF, FTM, GSM, and QTPOC.


My DSAB is male, which I never felt comfortable with, so I transitioned in my mid-20s
Wow, I had no idea
DSAB tweet
DSAB tweet

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Updated July 12, 2022

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