DS has 2 meanings
1. What does DS stand for?

Deep state

DS is an acronym that stands for "Deep state," which is a hidden government that functions separately from the elected government to further its own agenda. It is a common belief among conspiracy theorists in the United States that there is an organized deep state movement affecting the direction of the country.

The deep state is primarily believed to be one or more hidden groups that have a lot of influence in the upper echelon of the country's finance and industry sectors. The belief of a deep state existence is typically pushed by politicians and other members of the same party who are unable to accomplish their goals. For example, a large number of Republicans believed there was a deep state effort led by Barack Obama to derail Trump's efforts during his Presidency. Some conspiracy theorists also believe that the DS is responsible for various attacks on U.S. soil, including the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, and the Sandy Hook massacre.

The acronym is typically used by political enthusiasts online, most often on social media, when referring to the nefarious goals of the deep state. DS is also utilized by political columnists in print and digital publications.


The reason Trump can't get his law passed is because of the liberal DS!
Or perhaps there could also be a large number of people that understand his proposal is stupid
Conspiracy tweet about the DS
Conspiracy tweet about the DS

Can't be too careful about protection against the deep state

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Updated November 27, 2019
2. What does DS mean in messages and online?

Dear son

Parents may use "DS" as an endearing term to refer to their son when messaging or online, like on social media sites and online parenting forums. For example, a mom may comment on her son's Instagram post, "So wonderful to see you happy my DS!"

DS is one of several "Dear" acronyms people use to refer to loved ones. Some others include DH (Dear husband), DW ("Dear wife), and DF ("Dear fiance.

Parents may also use DD to refer to their daughters. For example, a father may post on Facebook, "My DD just got a new job downtown. So happy for her!"


I'm so proud of how my DS did in school this year!
Congratulations to him and you!

Homer with his DS, Bart

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Updated July 10, 2023

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