What is dstr8 short for?

Dang straight


Dstr8 is a strong way of agreeing with or confirming something online or in text messages. It is similar to saying, "true that!" or "heck yeah!"

The abbreviation is one of many that utilizes an 8 as a replacement for "ate," "ait," "eight," and "aight" in words. Some examples include str8, d8, h8r, w8n, and l8.

Dstr8 is often used by people who are slang-savvy and really enjoy using the lingo. And it is typically reserved for instances when a person is really pumped by something, like going to a concert, watching a movie, board game night, going to the beach, or DnD.


U coming 2 the party?
dstr8 we are!

That dstr8 feeling!

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Updated April 27, 2021

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