What does IAWTC stand for online?

I agree with the comment

IAWTC is a quick way to agree with a comment made by another user. People often use IAWTC online in discussion forums and social media, such as Facebook or YouTube.

For example, if you join a thread where a heated political debate is occurring, you might comment, "IAWTC, but I think that we need to re-evaluate the electoral voting system, too." Or, you might comment "IAWTC" when chiming in on an IT discussion forum to agree with another person's proposed solution for cleaning out a cookie jammed into an external CD/DVD drive.

IAWTC is one of many ways to agree with others. Some examples include ditto, bet, word, and SH.


IAWTC in the previous post
IAWTC was especially helpful before "Like" buttons
IAWTC was especially helpful before "Like" buttons

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Updated August 21, 2023

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