What does dts mean on social media?

Death threats

On social media, people use dts as an abbreviation for "death threats." Most often, people use dts when discussing death threats they or others have received.

For example, on Twitter, a writer who recently published a controversial story may post "dts started rolling in this morning as expected; gotta love social media." This means the writer has received death threats as a result of their story. (Either publicly, via DM, or both.)

Dts are often accompanied by doxxing, which is the act of revealing confidential information about a person (such as their address or phone number) without their consent. Thus, when someone discusses dts they've received, they may also say they've been doxxed.


I didn't like what he said either, but dts are taking it way too far
A Twitter user asking others to report a dt
A Twitter user asking others to report a dt

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Updated November 15, 2023

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