E Choke

What does e choke mean?

An expression of shock or surprise

E choke is a slang term that some social media users use to express intense shock or surprise. It was popularized by the Nigerian-American music artist Davido.

Where did e choke originate?

Afrobeat and hip hop artist Davido coined the term e choke on social media. He has been using the term since at least late 2020.

On December 16 2020, Davido responded to VJ EHIZOJIE's praise of Davido's latest album with a tweet that read "e choke." This appears to be one of the earliest uses of e choke.

How is e choke used?

Davido fans and others use e choke to express surprise when they encounter something impressive, overwhelming, or disconcerting. For example, someone who watches an amazeballs Instagram video may respond to the video with e choke.

Some wordier variants of e choke have also begun circulating on social media. These include "e restrict my airflow" and "e clog my airspace." These variants mean the same thing as e choke.


A new Davido album just surprise dropped today!
e choke
An e choke tweet from Davido
An e choke tweet from Davido

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Updated June 3, 2021

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