What does GotY stand for in gaming?

Game of the Year

Most often, gamers use GotY when discussing a video game that has been chosen as the Game of the Year by a gaming website, awards show, or magazine. The GotY is (at least theoretically) the best game released in a given year. However, gaming publications don't always agree on which of a year's games is the best, so multiple games released within the same year may receive the GotY title from different sources.

While gamers typically use GotY when discussing video games, they may also use it when discussing other types of games. For example, board gamers also use GotY to refer to the best board game released within a given year.


I still can't decide whether Hades or ACNH was my GotY for 2020
It was easily ACNH for me; couldn't put that game down
Elden Ring won many GotY awards
Elden Ring won many GotY awards

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Updated March 29, 2023

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