What is a simp?

A person who obsesses over someone

A simp is someone who does a lot of nice things for someone or something they like but doesn't receive much (or any) affection in return. People typically use simp as a negative term to criticize a guy who a girl is stringing along. However, they may also use it when referring to superfans of things that don't return the favor, like companies or countries.

The online usage of the term dates back to at least 2012. However, it did not become popular until 2019-2020, when teenagers and young adults began heavily using the term in TikTok and YouTube social media videos.

People primarily use it to describe heterosexual guys who are pursuing disinterested girls. However, it may also describe girls who are hopelessly "head over heels" for someone.

You will likely see a simp when someone points out that a guy is being breadcrumbed by a girl. The girl may be unaware she's doing this or doing it on purpose because she likes the focused attention. The simp may be oblivious that he is being led on or just too infatuated with the girl to stop.

Toxic use of simp

People may also use simp to make fun of guys who are just generally kind to a female without getting any sexual favors in return. People have heavily criticized this usage since it promotes a toxic culture of masculinity where it's only worth being kind to women if they can get something out of it. Along that same train of thought, some claim that the term is an acronym for "Suckas Idolizing Mediocre P****."

Simp as a verb

The verb form of "simp" is "simping." You may see this when someone is engaged in a one-sided pursuit. An example of this is, "Kevin is simping on Claire and it's so cringe-worthy."


He got her JLo perfume and she gave it to her friend right in front of him
Man, Adam is such a simp

A sad simp

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Updated February 8, 2023

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