What does k-pop mean?

Korean Pop music

A term that refers to a musical genre of Korean Pop music.

The genre originated in South Korea and includes electronic, rock, hip-hop, pop ballad, metal, and dance-pop. The genre began in the early 1990s and has grown in popularity since. It combines a number of elements, such as synchroinzed dancing, audiovisual content, distribution through the Internet, and an extremely dedicated fanbase. Some popular K-pop artists include Seo Taiji & Boys, Girls' Generation, Exo, Big Bang, iKON, G.Soul, and Mamamoo. The term may also appear as "Kpop."


I'm so pumped for the K-pop concert tonite!!!
Wow, I didn't know u were such a superfan
Psy is at the forefront of the K-pop craze
Psy is at the forefront of the K-pop craze

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Updated June 24, 2016

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