What does effin mean?



Effin is a term people may use to express frustration instead of the actual "f***ing" curse word. The term comes from the pronunciation of the first letter of the word.

You may hear or see people use effin online or in messages when frustrated. For example, if your dad is watching a football game and the receiver drops an easy touchdown, he might yell, "Catch the effin ball!" at the TV. Or, your friend may complain in a message about missing an upcoming concert due to an illness, "I can't believe I'm going to miss Taylor Swift bc of effin covid!"


What is wrong with them, they keep effin it up!
Srsly. It's like they are doing it on purpose
I never should have bet on them

Effin is a common replacement for the "F" word

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Updated June 27, 2023

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