What does EOR stand for?

End of rant

When EOR appears at the end of a long, emotionally-charged message, it stands for "end of rant." Forum and social media users are most likely to use this acronym. However, you may also encounter EOR at the end of text or chat rants, sent by your friends or family members.

People typically use EOR when they know they've gone on a bit too long (or been a bit too passionate) about a topic. The acronym is an apology for going overboard, and a signal that you should be safe from further ranting (at least, for a while).


I can't believe Melinda wore the same dress as me to the party, specifically after I told her not to. This is just the same nonsense she pulls all the time. I'm starting to think I shouldn't be friends with her. I'm starting to think NOBODY should be friends with her. K ... EOR

A man who is about to send EOR

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Updated December 6, 2022

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