1. What does TTTT mean in messages?

Too tired to talk

If someone is too tired to talk at the moment, they may message "TTTT." For example, if you had a rough workday, you may text your mom, "TTTT, let's chat tomorrow."

People may send TTTT to others looking to actually talk (verbally) or message through texts or online (nonverbally). For example, if someone sees you are online and messages you, "What's up?" you might respond with, "TTTT. I'll call you tomorrow."

While most people are honestly too tired to talk when they send it, they may just need an excuse and can't think of anything better. This is often the case when messaging that friend who never seems to stop talking.


Sounds good

Marge is TTTT

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Updated February 3, 2023
2. What does TTTT stand for online and in messages?

To tell the truth

When emphasizing the truth of a statement, people may use "TTTT" online or in messages. For example, your friend may post online, "TTTT, he never told me in person that I was fired. I just read it in an email."

While people often use TTTT to emphasize the factual truth of a matter, others may use it to express personal feelings. For example, your friend may message you, "TTTT, I'm glad we broke up. It was time."

Remember that TTTT is not well known. If you want to emphasize the truth of something, you should use TBH, NGL, or no cap.


TTTT, I never really thought Ryan was right for me
Agreed. He was not good enough

TTTT, the lie detector is right

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Updated February 3, 2023
3. What does TTTT stand for online?

These things take time

When something is taking longer than anticipated, people may describe it with the "TTTT" acronym. For example, if your video project is taking a long time to edit, you might remark to your impatient girlfriend, "Relax! TTTT!" (this probably won't go over well).

People may use TTTT along with the HYH acronym. Or, if you're a Star Wars fan, you might say, "Damp down your power core!"

While some slang-savvy netizens may understand what TTTT means, most people will not. Therefore, it may be best to type it out.


I thought my science project would go really fast, but I guess TTTT
Mine's a slog, too

TTTT sounds so wise

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Updated February 3, 2023

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