What does ESH mean on Reddit?

Everyone sucks here

On Reddit, people use "ESH" when they believe the original poster (OP) and the person (or people) the OP is talking about are both acting rudely. For example, if the OP posts a story about his sister where they are both behaving immaturely, a Redditor may comment, "ESH. You both need to grow up."

Redditors primarily use ESH when responding to "Am I the a**hole" (AITA) posts. In Reddit's r/AmItheA**hole subreddit, posters ask questions about something they have done to see if they are the a**hole.

Some examples of posts include "AITA AITA for sitting next to my boyfriend at his mom's funeral?" or "AITA for accepting an invite to a vacation that did not include my husband?" The acronyms Redditors often use to reply to AITA posts are NTA ("not the a**hole"), YTA ("you are the a**hole"), and EHS ("everyone here sucks").


AITA for asking the lady sitting next to me at a concert to stop knitting?
Yes, but so is the lady. ESH
An ESH post in the AITA subreddit
An ESH post in the AITA subreddit

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Updated October 24, 2023

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