What does TIFU stand for?

Today I F***ed Up


TIFU stands for "today I f***ed up." This acronym is most commonly used on Reddit, where the r/tifu subreddit contains millions of stories about times people embarrassed themselves or others, all of which start with TIFU.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform users may also encounter the TIFU acronym, preceding embarrassing stories shared on those platforms. However, other platforms' TIFU stories are often much shorter, less involved, and less funny than those posted to Reddit. To truly understand the power of TIFU, you really must visit the r/tifu subreddit.


TIFU by reading tons of TIFU stories on Reddit, instead of doing my job
A sample TIFU story from Reddit (with a guest appearance from WAP)
A sample TIFU story from Reddit (with a guest appearance from WAP)

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Updated December 17, 2020

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