What does facts mean?


Facts means "Agreed," which is used to emphasize the truth of a statement made by another person. It is commonly seen online, especially on social media where people are adamant about sharing opinions.

The term gained popularity in 2017, and is typically used by teenagers and young adults. On social sites, like Twitter or Instagram, it is usually typed as a one-word response, possibly preceded by a hashtag (#), to someone's opinionated post, whether it be text, an image, or video.

It may also be used in-person during a conversation when someone shares an opinion, especially when it's a hot take. A person may say it boldly and loudly, if caught up in the emotion of an argument. Or a person may say it calmly and almost sadly, probably while slowly nodding his head if it's a sad-but-true opinion.


LeBron winning championships for 3 different teams makes him better than Jordan

Facts means agreed

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Updated October 20, 2020

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